Image of Nature's Grip Area Rug Pad

Nature's Grip Area Rug Pad

Nature's Grip Area Rug Pad

A truly eco-friendly alternative to other traditional non-slip pads, Nature’s Grip weds hand-woven organic jute fibers to natural rubber to maximize your rug’s grip, protect your flooring and extend your rug's life.

Natural rubber is superior to harmful chemicals and adhesives used in synthetic PVC rug pads; it offers better non-skid properties than plastic and will “grip” rather than “stick to” floors. Ours is combined with a 100% plant jute base, one of the strongest naturally-produced materials available.

Nature’s Grip’s low profile is a perfect choice when door clearance or rug thickness is an issue. It’s also a favorite for runners and scatters rugs that should lie flat with flooring.

Nature's Grip Area Rug Pad Key Features:

  • ORIGIN: Made in the USA
  • MATERIAL: Natural rubber and natural plant jute
  • BEST FOR: High-traffic areas, door clearance, high-rise rugs
  • ATTRIBUTES: Non-slip; Eco-Friendly; free of polyester, PVC, and adhesives; no harmful odors; mold and mildew resistant
  • WARRANTY: 10 Years

Give Nature's Grip Area Rug Pad A Try

Not convinced? Give us a try and be amazed by the quality and superior gripping power that our Nature’s Grip Area Rug Pad has to offer. With a 10 year warranty included with purchase, what have you got to lose?