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Baby Buffer

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Sanding machine designed for residential use and only to be used indoor to roughen any type of wood floor (engineered wood, parquet or cork) and remove surface scratches for the purpose of refinishing.

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Baby Buffer Sanding Machine

Keeping your floors looking fresh and new can be an uphill battle. The constant mopping, washing, polishing, and moisturizing is sometimes too much for even the most conscientious homeowner.

Even with your best efforts, wear and tear can take over and your floor may start to show signs of age. What’s a homeowner to do?

Enter the Baby Buffer Sanding Machine

If you want to restore your floors to their former glory, you don’t need to look any further than the Baby Buffer.

A small and compact tool, this buffer is designed for residential use. It employs a fine grit to rough up the surface of your engineered wood, parquet, or cork floor. This process removes scratches from hardwood and other wood surfaces in order to prepare it for refinishing. 

Use and Assembly

The Baby Buffer is easily assembled by even the most novice appliance assembler. It weighs a mere 30.6 pounds, making it lightweight enough for any household member to maneuver through your floors. 

This machine also boasts a 19.5 foot cord, so gone are the days when you need to switch outlets every few feet.

Low Maintenance and Easy Clean Design

Like most other features of the Baby Buffer, the cleaning and maintenance of this handy machine is quite simple. It’s important to regularly perform maintenance in order to keep it in top working condition.

We recommend cleaning after each use with a damp cloth in order to wipe away any debris that collects during the buffing process. Take the time to get into the nooks and crannies of the machine so that any rogue debris can be removed.

To keep your equipment running at optimum operational quality, it’s important to replace the screen disc when worn out and lubricate the rotating disc’s roller bearings at least every 2 months.

Give Us a Try

If your floors need a serious boost, the Baby Buffer could be exactly what you’re looking for. Give us a try and witness that magic we can work on your floors!

For us, caring for wood is a natural cosmetic art

Our priority is to provide a safe and natural way to enhance and preserve the beauty of wood in its natural appearance.

Natural and organic ingredients that are safe for the entire family

With certainty we know that Wood Wellness will help you take care of your floor for years to come. 

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