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Cotton String Mops vs Microfiber String Mops for Wood Floors

Cotton String Mops vs Microfiber String Mops for Wood Floors

When you visit the hardware stores, or the big box stores these days what is available when it comes to mop heads?  MICROFIBER. 

Microfiber mops have been gaining popularity over recent years. Many folks go as far as to say that microfiber is the superior option when it comes to removing dirt, dust and grime from wood floors.

But keep in mind that Microfiber is NOT recommended for floors with a natural wax / oil finish. 

Though they might be ok for a urethane finished hardwood floor, by using them over time on a wax oil finished floor, you will slowly damage and breakdown the finish overtime.

Which Is Better - Cotton String Mop vs Microfiber Mop?

We’re here to go over the pros and cons of both the traditional cotton mop vs microfiber mop, and provide you with the information you need to make the right choice for you and your floors.

Cotton Mops: Pros and Cons

Cotton is a natural, breathable, and gentle fiber, making it great for cleaning wood floors. It’s not abrasive and won’t scratch or damage your hardwoods’ finish. It’s also a strong material that maintains its integrity over a long period of time, even when used in conjunction with harsh chemical cleaning agents like bleach.

They do absorb bacteria, making them a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and odor.  But this is why you wash them thoroughly, in the washer, before the next use.

Microfiber String Mops: Pros and Cons 

Microfiber mops are as gentle as cotton, while being significantly more absorbent and holding over triple their weight in water.

In addition to the above, microfiber mops have a much longer life than traditional cotton. With proper care and attention, these modern mops will last a great deal longer than their cotton counterpart.

With these benefits come the disadvantages. While microfiber picks up more bacteria and lasts longer than cotton, they are significantly more expensive to purchase. Cleaning the reusable microfiber mops is also a tedious, difficult, and time-consuming process.

Cotton Mop vs Microfiber Mop

So where did we land when it comes to cotton mop vs microfiber mop? It all comes down to what you and your family are looking for in a cleaner.

Both cotton and microfiber are gentle and light, even for your most fragile wood surfaces.  For those with wax / oil finishes protecting their floors, Cotton is the only option.

Final Thoughts on Cotton Mops vs Microfiber Mops

If you’re looking for a solution that can take care of your busy household, a microfiber mop is probably your better option, if you have a floor with a urethane finish coating. While it’s more expensive, this material picks up a great deal more dust and dirt on your hardwoods than the cotton option. Microfiber will keep a clean house for the family that’s always on the go.

On the other hand, if you have a floor with a wax / oil floor the cotton mop is the right choice for you.

With either of the two heads, you should purchase 1 removable head cover per 400 SF of surface.  This will allow you to interchange the heads as you clean thorough the house, for a more efficient job.  One defeats the purpose of cleaning if they are using 1 head to clean their entire floor (even if they think they are rinsing is quite thoroughly).

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