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Case Studies

Case Study 1: The Perfect Match

Picture this: you order additional floor boards to match your original order from a few years prior - when they arrive, they don't match. What happened?? 

You'd be surprised how dirty floors can get, even looking 10 shades different than their original color, if not maintained properly.

We recently had the pleasure of partnering with our sister company, Wood Concepts and the Simms/Mann Institute for Education and Community Development. The Wood Concepts team conducted an intensive clean and polish for their office floors with our Wood Wellness products (800 square ft plus a staircase) because of the exact scenario above.  White wood floors turned a not so lovely shade of grey with a very dark grain overtime due to a lack of proper maintenance and appropriate products. 

Before and after images of a Wood Wellness project
Image of a new floor addition installed by Wood Wellness

Quick Facts

  • 800 sq. ft office space plus a staircase

  • Employees with high dust and chemical sensitivities

  • Deep Cleaning 3x with Wood Wellness Professional Refresher and Wood Polish

  • NO sanding!

  • Completed over a single weekend (2.5 days) with zero shutdown

  • No residual smell

In Conclusion

I'm proud to say that after our maintenance team completed a Deep Clean and Polish Refresher specialized for this type of floor and with the use of proprietary green products made in Germany, the original color and vibrance returned to blend with the newly ordered boards.

“I was very pleased with the flooring work by WW. They were able to restore our existing wood flooring so that it looked like the newer wood flooring that had been installed. We were in very good hands with this professional team!“ 

 - LeeAnn with SMI

Before & After