Wood Wellness

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A tree heals its own wounds. Based on this principle, we’ve developed our own care product to mimic this process, which cleans, renews and nourishes wooden surfaces with wax oil finishes.

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High-quality and long-lasting formulation developed and produced in Germany by wood restoration professionals.

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Expert knowledge and dedicated support to help you properly preserve and prolong the life cycle of your wood surfaces.

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Safe for use on all forms of wax oil wood surfaces AND gentle on the environment.


Gently deep clean and nourish your wax oil wood surfaces with specially formulated natural products that are safe for the entire family. High quality and easy to use soap, lotion and applicators designed for the regular cleaning and maintenance without dangerous chemicals or sanding.

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Natural solutions to enhance, preserve and maintain the beauty of your wood floors.

Wood Soap

Concentrated soap designed for the regular cleaning and maintenance of hardwood floors and surfaces. In addition to cleaning, the special formulation contains natural oils that...

Wood Lotion

High quality, easy-to-use concentrated wood lotion. It is ideal for the regular maintenance of wooden surfaces. It nurtures the wooden surface and simultaneously builds up the ...

Wood Soap Intensive

Schotten & Hansen Wood Soap Intensive is a concentrate for the intermittent deep cleaning of all soft- and hardwood surfaces. In addition to the cleaning effect, the high r...

Wood Soap Plus Exterior

Wood Soap Plus Exterior is a natural intensive cleaner for heavily soiled and weathered outdoor surfaces. It efficiently removes dirt and leaves a protective layer on the surfa...