Wood Wellness

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Wood floors are meant to be lived on.

High quality and easy to use soap, lotion and applicators designed for the regular cleaning and maintenance without dangerous chemicals or sanding.

Nurture all wooden surfaces

For us, caring for wood is a natural cosmetic art

Natural Ingredients

Our priority is to provide a safe and natural way to enhance and preserve the beauty of wood in its natural appearance.

Our Products

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Nourish. Rejuvenate. Enhance.

Natural solutions to enhance, preserve and maintain the beauty of your wood floors.

For us, caring for wood is a natural cosmetic art. Our priority is to provide a safe and natural way to enhance and preserve the beauty of wood in its natural appearance.

We want our customers to feel good about taking care of their floors - this includes providing products without the unnecessary use of dangerous chemicals or sanding. With certainty we know that Wood Wellness will help you take care of your floor for years to come.

Concentrated soap designed for the regular cleaning and maintenance of hardwood floors and surfaces. In addition to cleaning, the special formulation contains natural oils that...

High quality, easy-to-use concentrated wood lotion. It is ideal for the regular maintenance of wooden surfaces. It nurtures the wooden surface and simultaneously builds up the ...

Wood Soap+ Exterior is a natural intensive cleaner for heavily soiled and weathered outdoor surfaces. It efficiently removes dirt and leaves a protective layer on the surface. ...

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We let our reviews speak for themselves.

4.98 average
213 reviews

"I was very pleased with the flooring work by Wood Wellness. They were able to restore our existing wood flooring so that it looked like the newer wood flooring that had been installed. We were in very good hands with this professional team!"



"I have a very light oak flooring in my home and over the years it became much darker as dirt built up in the grain and I very much missed the light original color.

John Rhamen

Atelier AM

"They are with you from planning to execution and are always available to help with questions, maintenance and new projects. They take the time and make sure you are getting the product you are looking for and I have been nothing but happy with the services she has provided. Holly and her team rock!"

Deron Condon

Director of Engineering Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh

"Suzie and her crew did an outstanding job on getting my white oak wood floors back to their original beauty. She showed up on time and ready to work. I loved that Suzie was willing to work around my schedule to get the job done. She really cares about her work and her clients and even came back to show my cleaning people how to clean the floor to keep up the luster! I would highly recommend Suzie and Wood Wellness."

Manhattan Beach Residence

Verified customer

"We had our floors installed with a Schotten&Hansen product in 2014. It was recommended that we use the Wood Soap 1x per week, which is exactly how we have maintained then for the last 5 years. We have definitely been pleased with our investment of a Schotten&Hansen product, along with the services they offer."

Switzerland Residence

Verified customer


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