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How to Clean Wood Floors

If you have pets and kids traipsing across your floors day in and day out, you know that your hardwood floors can take a beating. Stay ahead of the chaos and extend the life of your floors by committing to a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule.

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Cotton String Mops vs Microfiber String Mops for Wood Floors

When you think of a traditional mop, what comes to mind? Probably the classic cotton string mops that have been around for what feels like centuries. While these are the tried and true favorites of the mop industry, microfiber mops have been gaining popularity over recent years. Many folks go as far as to say that microfiber is the superior option when it comes to removing dirt, dust and grime from wood floors.

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How to Remove Gray Stain From Wood

When wood begins to age, it can often take on a grayish appearance. This is especially true for wood that is constantly exposed to the elements. If your wood has begun to accumulate the telltale gray stain, it might be time to restore it via a chemical or manual restoration process. Keep reading to learn more about how to remove gray stain from wood.

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