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Wood Lotion

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High quality, easy-to-use concentrated wood lotion. It is ideal for the regular maintenance of wooden surfaces. It nurtures the wooden surface and simultaneously builds up the protective film of Polish Oil. Also suitable for heavy used table tops, furniture and door surfaces.

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Wood Lotion

In order to keep your wood surfaces moisturized and avoid the aging effects that dryness and dehydration have on the material, it’s imperative to regularly apply a Wood Lotion. This is one of the most vital yet overlooked steps in the maintenance of wood surfaces. 

What We Offer

Our Wood Lotion is a high-quality emulsion containing a range of natural oils. Not only does regular use keep your wood surfaces hydrated and moisturized, but regular application revitalizes and refreshes your wood floors and surfaces.

Our formula comes in three sizes, small (10 oz.), medium (34 oz.), and large (2.5L), and one liter of our Wood Lotion covers 50 square meters of surface. Depending on the square footage of your wood surface, one bottle of our formula could last you and your floors a lifetime.

How to Use Our Wood Lotion

For high-traffic floors and surfaces, we recommend two applications per year. If your wood doesn’t experience much action, one application per year should be sufficient for maintaining the integrity and longevity of your wood surface.

Before use, thoroughly clean the surface with a damp cloth (cotton, not microfiber). Once dry, apply a thin, even layer to the entire wood surface. Let the lotion soak in before removing any excess with another clean, damp cotton cloth.

Once dry, if the surface feels greasy, you’ve applied too much. Repeat the last step until the excess grease is gone and you’re left with gorgeous, moisturized, and polished floors.

Who Should Use Wood Lotion?

Anyone with wood floors or surfaces can benefit from investing in our specially formulated Wood Lotion. It’s not just for floors, either— it is also approved for use on wood furniture, walls, and ceiling panels. Give it a try and watch it work magic on your wood surfaces.

For us, caring for wood is a natural cosmetic art

Our priority is to provide a safe and natural way to enhance and preserve the beauty of wood in its natural appearance.

Natural and organic ingredients that are safe for the entire family

With certainty we know that Wood Wellness will help you take care of your floor for years to come. 

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