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The Benefits of Using a Quality Vacuum to Clean Your Hardwood Floors

The Benefits of Using a Quality Vacuum to Clean Your Hardwood Floors


A consistent cleaning schedule is essential to keeping your hardwood floors sparkling and long-lasting. Otherwise, dirt, dust, and grime build up and wreak havoc on the appearance and integrity of your floors.

But just let everything else in life when it comes to equipment, quality is key.  A vacuum with good suction, is essential to keeping that dirt, dust and grime off of the floor.

Why You Should Vacuum Hardwood Floors

One of the best ways to clean your hardwoods is vacuuming them regularly, either with a vacuum or vacuum attachment that’s specifically designed for hardwoods.  Like those that come with a horse hair parquet attachment. Here are just a few of the benefits that come along with using a vacuum to clean your hardwood floors.

Get Rid of Dust

While sweeping helps to keep your hardwood clean, fine dust particles get missed by brooms all the time. Fine dust can damage your floors by scratching the finish and making it look dull and drab.

In order to avoid this, use a vacuum designed specifically for hardwood floors. When you vacuum hardwood floors, the vacuum sucks up all of the fine dust particles and permanently removes them from your floors. With sweeping, only a portion of dust is picked up. The rest is pushed around the floor when you mop, which can cause even more damage in the process.

Don’t Just Mop without Vacuuming First

Like many brooms, mops are notorious for moving dirt around a floor instead of getting rid of it for good. Not only does this make your floors stay dirty, but the constant abrasion of dirt being pushed around your floor can spell disaster for the finish on your hardwoods.

Don’t ever start mopping before you have thoroughly vacuumed your wood floor.

Vacuuming along with Mopping is important to keeping your wood floors clean.  Many floors with wax / oil finishes, for example, actually need to be mopped frequently with a hydrating solution and hot water to keep their surfaces rejuvenated every time you clean. With a quality concentrated cleaning solution, that is recommended to enhance the finish of your floor, you will be doing your floor finish a favor. Hardwood surfaces alike are one of the most abused surfaced in the house.  Especially if shoes are allowed.  Imagine all of that bacteria being brought in from the outside!  Vacuuming alone will not take care of this build up that can occur over time, and if you think taking a damp cloth with cold will do you any favors, think again. 

Specifically Designed for Hardwood 

No two vacuums are the same.  Make the investment.  Don’t use just any vacuum on your expensive hardwoods when there are vacuums designed specifically for hardwood floor.

There are a countless number of tools and attachments that come with vacuums that will help make your life easier while simultaneously extending your floor’s longevity. 

Final Thoughts on Using a Vacuum to Clean Your Hardwood Floors

Now can you see why you should vacuum hardwood floors? Vacuuming efficiently is extremely vital to keeping your wooden floorboards clean and protecting the finish.

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