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Why Is Caring for Wood Flooring Similar to Caring for Your Skin?

Why Is Caring for Wood Flooring Similar to Caring for Your Skin?

It may come as a surprise, but skincare and wood floor maintenance have a lot more in common than you’d think. Both require consistent upkeep in order to look their best, and both are commitments that requires time, research and effort.

Skincare vs Wood Floor Maintenance

Gentle and consistent care is crucial in order to ensure a beautiful and long-lasting life for your hardwood floors. Here, we’ll go over a few ways we compare skincare to wood floor maintenance.

Maintain a Regular Schedule

Just like skin care, maintaining your hardwoods requires consistency and commitment. Create a regular schedule for taking care of your floors that you can stick to. Think of it as being similar to multi-step skincare routines that include daily cleansing and alternating masks and treatments on certain days.

Stick to your hardwood maintenance as religiously as you would stick to a skincare regimen. If you maintain a laissez-faire attitude towards maintaining the integrity of your hardwoods, they will dull out and deteriorate and you’ll be looking at costly repairs in the future.

Cleanse Daily

Hardwood floors need daily upkeep in order to maintain their best visual appeal. Just like you need to cleanse the everyday dirt and grime off your face, you need to cleanse your hardwoods in order to get rid of the dirt and grime your family tracks into the house.

Vacuuming and sweeping your flooring once a day will help you to drive down the buildup of grime and maintain the beautiful, glowing appearance of your hardwoods.

Use Gentle but Effective Products

You wouldn’t use harsh chemicals that strip away the necessary moisture from your face, so don’t use them on your floors. Regularly using cleaning products that are too abrasive will do a great deal more damage than good when you use them on your floors.

Instead, pick products that are gentle and moisturizing on your hardwoods so that they can stick around for the life of your home.

Take Advice From Professionals

When you’re searching for the best products to use on your floors, don’t look to social media or opinions from well-meaning strangers and coworkers. What worked for your coworkers skin might not work for yours, and the same goes for hardwood floors.

No two skincare routines are the same, just like no two hardwood floors are the same. Instead of guessing or taking casual advice about what to use on your floors, speak with a professional. All hardwood floors are different, and a professional will be able to recommend the right products that will work best for your exact flooring.

Final Thoughts

It might sound counterintuitive to compare skincare routines with the care and maintenance of hardwood floors, but when you put them side by side the similarities between them can surprise you.

Just like with skincare, when caring for your hardwoods be sure to place a high importance on gentle and consistent care. For every day care, avoid abrasion and harsh chemicals, because using these with too much frequency can severely damage your floors.

Following these easy wood floor maintenance tips will help to extend the life of your floors and keep them looking brand new and sparkling clean.

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