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Cotton Mop Covers

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Cotton Mop Covers

We understand that in life, finally getting around to cleaning can be difficult. We don’t want this to be true of your wood surfaces.

Hardwood floors and other wood surfaces are easy to keep clean when you’ve committed to a cleaning routine. However, if you’re not regularly maintaining them, the wear and tear can add up over time. Before you know it, your floors will looked aged and this issue can be a monster to overcome.

Our Goal

At Wood Wellness, the main goal of our business is to avoid this exact scenario from happening. We want to ensure that our customers have the products they need in order to keep their wood surfaces gleaming at all times. We think that the products we offer on our website reflect that.

These Cotton Mop Covers are replacements for the single Cotton Mop Cover that comes with our Cleaning Mop. We recommend stocking up on these covers so that you never run out or leave your wood surfaces at a disadvantage. These Cotton Mop Covers are great for pretreatments, applications, and post-application wipe-downs.

Give Our Cotton Mop Covers a Try

The health of your floors starts with the products you use to maintain them. If you’re looking for the best tool to keep your wood surfaces looking refreshed and revitalized, try our Cotton Mop Covers.