Wood Soap Plus+ Intensive

Wood Soap Plus+ Intensive

Schotten & Hansen Wood Soap Intensive is a concentrate for the intermittent deep cleaning of all soft- and hardwood surfaces. In addition to the cleaning effect, the high ratio of natural wax protects the surface against staining and increases the shine when polished after cleaning.

As a rule of thumb, use the product every three months in residential, and once per month in commercial areas. After Deep cleaning with Wood Soap Intensive, you should resume your regular maintenance with regular Wood Soap.

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Wood Soap Plus+ Intensive

Looking for the best way to keep your hardwood surfaces impeccably clean? Our specially-formulated wood soap works magic on hardwoods and can break you out of a cleaning rut.

Bring Out the Natural Beauty of Your Wood Surfaces

Our Wood Soap helps your wood surfaces look the best they have in years. While some wear and tear on your wood surfaces over the years are unavoidable, especially in high-traffic areas, with diligent care and the right treatments you can rewind the look of your wood’s aging.

Not only does our Wood Soap clean your wood surfaces, but it also brings out the natural oils in the wood to help enhance its beauty and resilience against long-term damage.

A Little Wood Soap Goes a Long Way

One liter of Wood Soap will clean up to 4,300 square feet of your home or business. We offer our soap in sizes small (10 oz.), medium (34 oz.), and large (1 gallon), so depending on what size space you are cleaning there is a size available for everyone.

Based on the amount of square footage one single liter is able to cover, one bottle should last through several washes of your wood surfaces.

Gentle but Effective Product

Our Wood Soap formula is gentle enough for your floors but strong enough to get the job done. Many aggressive alkalines or solvent-based cleaning products are too strong and will damage the delicate wood polish of your floor’s surface.

Unlike other brands, our product is specially formulated to keep your floors safe and long-lasting so you and your family can enjoy gleaming wood surfaces for years to come.